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Experience, Service, Accessibility and Quality. These are the pillars that built our company and our company's culture, We strive to make sure the quality of our service reflects our experience.



We do many things in this industry and everything we do is of top quality, from our grow room designs to the flower that we provide. We spare no expense to make sure we provide the type of service and product you can be proud to share! Our company's leaders are making sure that we can offer the most up to date knowledge and have the most current education pertaining to the industry and all its many changes. We are over achievers and over deliverers, we do what we say we are going to do, we create solutions before it becomes a problem. Thinkers, doers, go getters and growers, that’s what we are and that’s “WHAT WE DO”



We are HQ’d in Oklahoma and provide a tour of our facilities to all clients. We have unique and rare strains and can offer a list to our clients that would like to have fulfillment arrangements in place. Our grow is not your typical grow, we operate in a more professional application, We provide special orders, fulfillment and exclusive strains to our clientele. What we have found out is that once we do business with you, well we continue to do business with you and form a long term relationship that builds our company’s together. Our Facilities grow daily to provide for the demand of quality flower!

Contact our team for more info 405-613-3404 or email


We approach our consulting a bit different than most companies, whereas we want our clients to become self-sufficient and manage their own grow facilities and cycles. We pass on trick of the trade and true knowledge of how to successfully create a grow company from the ground up, From licensing procedures to room design and build management, Let Leaf Growers help your company to become efficient and scalable from day 1. Having a plan in place will always yield greater results.




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